Kristina Lovett

Bisexual Webcam Model * Big Boob Fanatic * Latex Lover Deepthroat Champ * MILF * And oh so much more...

Anonymous asked: Hey Kristi, you're obviously very popular on the internet, but how are your looks received in real life? Do you enjoy the attention your chest receives, or is it sometimes inconvenient for you?

I don’t wear clothes that deliberately show off my body when out and about. I just wear normal stuff. Often I even avoid showing too much cleavage. I think most people don’t act rude to me about my figure because I’m not trying to flaunt it in their faces and they respect that. I do still often get comments from cashiers or drive thru workers or just random immature guys. It doesn’t bother me at all when it happens but it isn’t like I’m thrilled by the ego boost either. I just respond to them politely and honestly. If they are rude to me I don’t mind telling them they are being immature and pathetic. Most comments I get are complimentary (although sometimes a bit inappropriate) so I just thank them and get one with whatever I’m doing. I think it’s because I’m comfortable with how I look.

Anonymous asked: You definitely sound like you have mental issues and your huge breasts is the outcome of some issues you have

Your point? There are a lot of things far worse the liking big boobs and not feeling constrained by societal norms enough to do what I enjoy.

Anonymous asked: How does it feel now that your nipples are stretched out, do they still get erect when you're cold? Also, I really think you're awesome :)

They can still get pokey as I like to call it. Yes it happens if I’m cold or aroused or play with them.

Anonymous asked: Favorite sex position

I prefer to switch positions. I have no real favorite. I really like when a guy can just fling me into a new position with no notice. It’s fun. How about whatever makes you feel huge in me? Lol

Anonymous asked: Could you post a picture of you before you had any implants?

I’d really have to search for one. There aren’t any on my computer. Check my twitter. There should be a couple selfies with the natural twins in there somewhere.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any pictures from your pregnancy?

Like two. I didn’t feel comfortable in my body when I was pregnant so I didn’t do pictures. I have one video doing a shower tease when I was about 6.5 months pregnant but that’s all.

Anonymous asked: Hey Kristi, Ever thought about saline nipple injections? It'd be a good video to do and I've heard it's relatively painless. It makes your nipples larger and more sensitive for about a day and then gets absorbed by the body. Thoughts?

No offense but that idea terrifies me.

Anonymous asked: when do you plan on pushing past 3000 cc? I must say I'm impressed with your dedication to this venture!

Not sure yet. Soon enough. I’m waiting for the stitches in my mouth to heal from my boo boo last week. If someone wants to be the sponsor they are welcome to email me at and tip towards it in order to secure their place as my 3000cc sponsor. I won’t be arranging the date until I’m headed up though.

Anonymous asked: Do u let ur girl suck em titties

No I’m not breastfeeding anymore.

Anonymous asked: Have you considered nipple augmentations such as stretching or fat injections?

Never even heard of that. Can’t say the idea really appeals to me. I’ve used a breast pump before when I was making mill for my daughter as a baby. Is that what you are referring to when you say stretching?