Kristina Lovett

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Anonymous asked: Hi Kristi! So, two questions. First, would you ever tittyfuck a fan if there was a chance to do so to one? Second, penis pumping, attractive to you at all? Your thoughts?

I would never if it was just because they are a fan. I’m sure any guy I walked up to on the street would call themselves a fan if they knew it meant they’d get tittyfucked by these twins. I seem to continually have to remind people that I am neither a slut nor an escort.
I don’t mind penis pumps. It can be fun. However I am very much not into when a cock is over pumped and gets all puffy because sure it looks big but it is completely useless. It might be hard but it feels so soft and floppy when over pumped that there is no chance it would fit in any of my holes and that is simply no fun at all.

Anonymous asked: Dear Kristi, I like to consider you a kind of exuberant gardener with your chest coaxed into a wondrous full bloom. Thank you for letting us follow you along this path. xo -VZ

Haha! Thank you VZ! I like that analogy a lot. :)

Anonymous asked: Why do guys like me dream continually of beautiful breasts like yours, always growing, never big enough?

Boobs are awesome! Why not? :)