Kristina Lovett

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Kristi Lovett’s tits are very interesting. Not super huge in terms of absolute comparison, but in relation to her slender frame they are gigantic. There is something about these babies that makes me super horny.

Hey look! It’s me! :P 

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An open letter to all of the MFC viewers,


I’m fully aware that I am going to get some form of backlash or hate from this letter. And thats ok. Any time a woman asserts herself and voices her opinion, especially one that is undesirable to the ears, she gets perceived as a bitch. But this is something that needs to be said and many…

Anonymous asked: Just a followup to your comment about YouTube: Dailymotion allows nude boobs, so they might be what you're looking for.

Well, I was more looking for ideas that are safe for work. The whole point is that I do not want to give free nude video. You guys can see me live on cams and can see pictures I post on twitter. I want to be able to let you all get to know me better as a person too. Not just a set of big boobs. Thus the non-nude YouTube channel thought.