Kristina Lovett

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Anonymous asked: hey kristi, have you thought about doing a joi video or something similar (humiliation instruction etc.)? I think you'd be great at it.

I’ve done some jerk off instruction in private shows. I have trouble doing things that demean others though. I can sometimes one on one in person for play but I feel like it is weird on the internet because you don’t know the person well enough and it is hard to gage how much is too much. You kinda need to know before you start all their triggers good and bad. All the best words to say to get them in that mind zone. Anyway nobody wants to spend that time explaining exactly what makes them tick in private. They just want to enjoy themselves

Anonymous asked: Hi Kristi. I heard that you would like to have children again someday. This means that you're going back to breastfeed or not?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’d like to. It’s more that I’m open to the idea. But yes I’d want to breastfeed the baby if I have another.

Anonymous asked: Love your blog, you're amazing! Was there ever a time in your past that you once thought that 1000cc's was so huge and that you'd never go that big? Plus did you have the same thoughts about not going up to 2000cc's at some point as that would be too big? Now given your interest in hitting 3000cc's, could this milestone also fall just like the last major ones did, when "too big" no longer felt too big anymore?

Potentially! I never thought that about 1000cc though. Before I got implants I thought 1500cc would be as big as I’d go. When I got to 1500cc after my second surgery while they felt a lot bigger they didn’t feel as I thought 1500cc would feel and look.

Anonymous asked: How likely would you be to go to 4000cc? I've been toying with becoming a fill up sponsor, but 3000cc to 4000cc sounds much more interesting to me ;)

There is certainly a chance. I’m not committing to more yet though. I’m considering switching to 3000cc expanders so I can get some aesthetic touch ups and if I decide to fill more then it’ll be easier and safer. I really need to save up some money to do that though. If anyone wants to help out I’d really appreciate the support and can accept PayPal donations to or credit card donations at Payoneer to the same email.

Anonymous asked: Beautiful girl, pale skin and a horny mind full aware of these qualities and obsessed with your boobs... You're in all honesty my new favourite woman on the internet <3 Normally don't find boobs such as these to look good, but you have changed that!

Yay! That’s kickass. Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: what was it like when your breast were engorged?


Anonymous asked: how big can your expanders grow?

Technically they are already filled past their rated size of 2000cc. My surgeon thinks if done properly I could potentially fill them to 6000cc if I so desire.

Anonymous asked: Whats the smallest dick you would fuck

Who I choose to have sex with has little to do with the size of the dick and a lot more to do with the actual person. I get that some people look at me like just a pair of huge boobs but I don’t look at other people as if they just a body to be used.

Anonymous asked: if you had to guess whats the biggest cock you have seen on cam?

Hard to say. A lot of guys lie about it.