Kristina Lovett

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Anonymous asked: Hi kristi, just wondering if your actual nipples (not areolae) have grown at all from the implants since models such as Penelope black Diamond seem to have experienced their nipples doubling in size even before pregnancy. Thanks :)

No the actual nipple size has not changed. Just the areolas.

Anonymous asked: Hi I am mexican , Would you like to suck my cock then give me a tit fuck?

That would be racist if I did it just because you are Mexican. I have a little more class than that.

Anonymous asked: Can you lick your own nipples?

Not anymore. They are too low on my boobs and my boobs are too full to do that. I guess I just need someone to do it for me. :)

Anonymous asked: Hello twins and kristi. I was wondering how much your bras are and are they custom made? My gf has some g's and there 50$ each so urs have to be alot.

Not custom made yet. I think I’ll need that soon though. Bras can cost $50-175. I hope customs won’t cost me too much.